Behind the NYCFacial Brand

Discover how NYCFacial grew up in the Big Apple and evolved to being able to offer you customized treatments designed to address your skin care needs that result in flawless, glowing skin.

About NYCFacial

Nycfacial is committed to supporting diversity.

We understand that no two skin types are the same and have created a range of unique, one size fits only you, specialized skin care treatments that have been designed to address your individual skin’s needs and areas of concern. 

Our acclaimed founder Carolina Gil is the lead aesthetician behind this unique skincare boutique. She has personally curated and designed treatments that will rejuvenate and refresh your skin without the need to seek out medical-grade facial treatments.

NYCfacial invites you to relax in our luxurious ambiance and destress from your fast-paced NYC life. Carolina has expertly created a range of skincare and body treatments that can be adapted specifically to treat your own individual skin care needs.

At NYCFacial our promise is to support all skin types, with their quest to achieve healthy, refreshed skin that has that inner glow. As you emerge with skin that radiates confidence. Trust us when we say that everyone will be wondering if you have unlocked the secret to using an insta filter in real life.

NYCFacial is located in the heart and soul of this city that never sleeps.

We invite you to visit us for a consultation so we can create the best skincare treatments to ensure you achieve the skin transformation you have been seeking. We promise you will emerge rejuvenated and refreshed as your skin glows with a radiance that can’t be found in a bottle.

About our founder, Carolina Gil

When Carolina,  our Founder and Lead aesthetician behind NYCFacial was growing up in Colombia. She dreamed of one day living in NYC and running her own boutique, offering skincare and body treatments.

Her skincare knowledge and experience has been honed in NYC, the city that enabled her to make this dream come true.

She is  excited to introduce NYCFacial  to help you discover the magic of uncovering your own personal skin transformations.

She listens and assesses her clients in order to create a specialized treatment that ensures they get results. 

Carolina is committed to creating a skincare treatment journey that is designed to  rejuvenate , refresh and resurface your skin, so it transforms into a radiant glow. 

She is delighted to invite you to relax and  experience the NYCFacial difference.

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